The Club announces a “Team of the Year” at the end of the Home & Away season according to the following procedure and criteria:

Coaches of all teams in Years 8 to 12 will submit nominations for the 2 best forwards, 2 best midfielders, 2 best backs, and 1 best ruckman from their team for the current season for consideration for Team of the Year.  The coach’s decision on the players they submit is at their own discretion but must be performance based.

Final selection of Team of the Year is made by a selection panel in accordance with the Club’s Bylaws.

2017 Team of the Year

Position Player Team
Forward Pocket Devlyn Narrier Year 9 Thunder
Full Forward Byron Sherwood Year 8 Thunder 
Forward Pocket Seth Gibson Year 9 Storm 
Half Forward Jeremy Crouch Year 11 Bulls
Centre Half Forward Connor Heywood (C) Year 12 Bulls
Half Forward Ewan Brazier Year 11 Bulls 
Wing Owen Hurlbatt Year 9 Thunder
Centre Mitchell Williamson Year 9 Storm 
Wing Rhys Bostock (VC) Year 11 Bulls 
Half Back Clayton Moore Year 9 Thunder 
Centre Half Back Austin Sweeney Year 8 Tornadoes 
Half Back Treak Nannup Year 11 Bulls 
Back Pocket Tyrell Nannup Year 9 Storm 
Full Back Ryan Ferguson Year 12 Bulls 
Back Pocket Ethan Raymond Year 9 Storm 
Ruck Declan Kidd Year 12 Bulls 
Rover Blake Anderson Year 12 Bulls 
Ruck/Rover Kieran Logan Year 10 Bulls 
Interchange 1 Zarne Robis Year 10 Bulls 
Interchange 2 Jed Walker Year 8 Tornadoes 
Interchange 3 Wyatt Siakia Year 10 Bulls 
Interchange 4 Zac Fliener Year 8 Thunder 
Interchange 5 Philip Farmer Year 10 Bulls 
Interchange 6 Lachlan McGarry Year 8 Tornadoes 
Interchange 7 Jack McGahy Year 9 Thunder