The Club announces a “Team of the Year” at the end of the Home & Away season according to the following procedure and criteria:

Coaches of all teams in Years 7 to 12 will submit nominations for the 2 best forwards, 2 best midfielders, 2 best backs, and 1 best ruckman from their team for the current season for consideration for Team of the Year.  The coach’s decision on the players they submit is at their own discretion but must be performance based.

Final selection of Team of the Year is made by a selection panel in accordance with the Club’s Bylaws.

2020 Team of the Year

Position Player Team
Forward Pocket Kaleb Erikson 18’s
Full Forward Chad Hodge 18s 
Forward Pocket Molly Day Year 9-10 Typhoons
Half Forward Luke Graham Year 9 Thunder
Centre Half Forward Jasper Scaife Year 10 Thunder
Half Forward Tyson Cross Year 9 Cyclones 
Wing Brayden McCarthy (C) 18’s
Centre Byron Sherwood 18s 
Wing Keir Liddell Year 10 Thunder 
Half Back Kayde Sherwood Year 8 Thunder 
Centre Half Back Liam Benaquista 18s
Half Back Branden Devaney Year 10 Thunder 
Back Pocket Zac Scott Year 10 Cyclones 
Full Back Kaide Wheelock 18s 
Back Pocket William Davies Year 9 Thunder
Ruck Jack McGahy 18s 
Rover Mischa Jezierski Year 7-8 Tsunamis
Ruck/Rover Charles Evans Year 10 Cyclones
Interchange 1 McKayla Thomson Year 7-8 Typhoons
Interchange 2 Kai Scarlett Year 7 Cyclones 
Interchange 3 Jake Pugh Year 8 Lightning
Interchange 4 Mitchell Mackenzie Year 7 Lightning 
Interchange 5 Bailey Thompson Year 8 Lightning
Interchange 6 Dion Gilling Year 8 Thunder 
Interchange 7 Judd Rule Year 7 Thunder